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2017 Solo and Ensemble Contest Results

Congratulations to all participants of the 2017 MPA Solo and Ensemble Contest for awesome performances! Here are the winners of each category:

  • Marching Snare Solo Age 18-: Ryan Matuzak, Minnesota Brass Indoor
  • Marching Snare Solo Age 19–22: Zach Fitzgibbon, Minnesota Brass Indoor
  • Batterie Ensemble Age 19–22: Tony Trinkner, Zach Church & Andy Eklund; Minnesota Brass Indoor
  • Marching Tenor Solo Age 18-: Garrett Sorensen; Irondale High School
  • Marching Tenor Solo Age 19–22: Tanner Bergersen
  • Piano Solo Age 18-: Noah Helke, Burnsville High School
  • Guitar Ensemble Age 19–22: Cory Tilseth & Zachary Brewer, River City Rhythm
  • Bass Drum Ensemble Age 18-: Burnsville High School
  • Concert & Multi-Percussion Solo Age 19-22: Collin Kuehn, River City Rhythm
  • Marching Cymbals Age 19–22: Minnesota Brass Indoor
  • Drum Set Solo Age 18-: Parker Lindberg, River City Rhythm
  • Electronic Instrument Solo Age 19–22: Collin Gilmore, Minnesota Brass Indoor
  • Keyboard Solo Age 18-: Emily Schouweiler, River City Rhythm
  • Keyboard Solo Age 19–22: Kathryn Jordan, River City Rhythm
  • Frontline Instrument Ensemble Age 18-: Jenna Smith & Tova Andersland
  • Frontline Instrument Ensemble Age 19–22: Elise Borman & Dan Nordman, Minnesota Brass Indoor & River City Rhythm